The creative process is important to Aryea. He enjoys being immersed in the process of creating something, and that's what drives him. He has explored landscape and abstract painting media for over 10 years. Aryea Flohr is always searching for new techniques and materials to experiment with. His main focus is the relationship between color and perspective.

Aryea Flohr is currently exhibiting a range of contemporary landscapes in oil using vibrant colours in red, blue, orange and yellows. His paintings are mainly landscapes and seascapes but animals often appear. His work has been featured on television and in newspapers at both local and national level. Aryea had solo exhibitions throughout the US, including several in New York.

For Aryea Flohr, the most important aspect of a painting is what it does not reveal; only what it can suggest. Painting “on the edge” keeps the mystery and energy alive in his work. As the paintings reveal themselves to him, he begins to refine and edit the piece and this process becomes part of his spiritual practice.

Aryea Flohr

Aryea Flohr is a NYC painter currently showing a wide range of acrylic and oil paintings in bright colors including red, blue, and yellow.